1. Boynton’s Greatest hits: these are a series of 4 books which are Blue hat, Green hat; A to Z; Doggies and La La La! These are short and easy books which are perfect for toddlers in terms of content, size, cheerful colors, silly animals, few words. In the words of Sandra Boynton, it’s true, ‘Serious silliness for cool little kids.’

2. Baby Einstein – Let’s look: Undoubtedly a fantastic book for the little ones. One of the reasons is because it explores various concepts within one book and it is thematic! Concepts of rhyming, shapes, counting, matching, comparing are vital to early development. The colorful padded book is a must buy for all.

3. Brown Bear & friends of Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle: This book has sold 6.5 million copies and is every parent’s childhood favorite. They set the basic foundational skills and aid in learning colors and animals. Their illustration is very unique and you will end up buying the rest of the books for your toddler!

4. Tons of trucks – Sue Fliess: Big trucks, small trucks, tow trucks can be found in this playful touch and move book. The book allows you to push, pull, spin, swing and is very engaging for any toddler. As a parent, you will love the’ tar trucks’ and the ‘mix and go’ trucks. This book allows you to form stories as you turn every page.

5. Usborne Baby’s very first playbook – Animal words: It primarily caters to babies. With the bright pictures, the child enjoys exploring through the delightful wordbook. The textures and extensive animals and their sounds make it for a must have in your collection!

6. Baby ABC – Deborah Donenfeld: Learning letters are fun and easy with these adorable babies. Your baby will repeatedly read this book as on every page you have a black and white photo of a baby with a colorful prop. It’s due to this that the children grasp the alphabets and are introduced to early vocabulary words.

7. Quantum Entanglement for Babies: This book includes simple explanations for your toddler to understand the complex ideas which is sure to make him a genius in the making! The authors believe that it only takes a small spark to ignite a child’s mind. It’s never too early to introduce small children to big ideas!

8. Baby hide and seek: This book expands vocabulary directly through the most loved game by every toddler- hide and seek. Where are the funny toys hiding and where is the peekaboo baby? The lift-the-flap board book helps babies to explore the world around them.

9. Don’t Push the button by Bill Corter: The character- Larry the purple monster, tells your child not to push a red button. But you have a toddler and that button will get pushed! What happens next is madness and your family laughs till they drop dead in their bed!

10. Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton: Putting toddlers to bed is the toughest taStorytimedtime lullabies, we jump, hop, and jam all the way from storytime to the dream factory. Highly recommended for those parents who want to make their toddler get to bed and stay there!

The Hello English Kids’ app offers stories that have no words! So your child will love listening to the audio and tapping on the screen to turn every page. These interactive stories help your child build a healthy relationship with technology. Hello English Kids understand the need to instil values through storytelling and has incorporated this by including a variety of stories on their app. For example, Thirsty Crow, Hare and Tortoise, Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, Ugly Duckling and the most popular Goldilocks. The stories allow for active participation and enhance vocabulary.