We all know that children need to be active every day. They are supposed to get 60 minutes of physical activity a day. It sounds an easy goal while reading it, but not so once you get down to implementing it! The key is finding healthy ways to keep them active.

1. Outdoor Sports: A sports class which emphasizes the basics of any sport is essential and would be a great way to keep the children active. If the child uses playground equipment and toys it strengthens their bones and muscles. Tennis, basketball, football, martial arts, skipping with a rope are a few suggested games which can help in strengthening muscle.

2. Dance: It’s no hidden fact that children enjoy music. Hence, dance classes are a fun way to keep your kids sweating, while also allowing them to express themselves creatively. Dance is fun and artistic and is also a rigorous physical activity.

3Walk together: Bundle up, and go for a stroll around your neighbourhood. It will enable you to talk to your child and deepen your bond.

4Movement and play: Play games that require movement. Twister is a great example. Simon Says and Charades require no special equipment, and you can make them as active as you like. Create a “move jar.” Fill it with slips of paper with words, phrases or drawings that call for movement. For example, animals or movements like “monster walk.” Have each child pick a movement for you to do together.

5Vacation and fitness: Whether it’s at a nearby campground or taking a vacation nearby. Vacation allows your children to have a chance to explore the outdoors with you by their side! You could play a game of tug of war or even do yoga with your child. Exercising together will keep you and your child fit while you relax and enjoy.