Dear Readers,
I’m sure you will agree that we as children had a more active childhood than our current tech savvy generation has. These days our kids are so addicted to the screen that it makes us wonder if he/she is getting enough exercise.
So rather than barring the children from using the digital device which can even backfire and may make your kid rebellious, it is better that we make physical activities as enjoyable as a video game. After all, we cannot let our kids grow into unhealthy and unfit individuals.
Here is a list of few activities that you can engage your children with, to ensure that they grow up to become physically and mentally strong adults.
Activities to make your child healthy and strong:

1. Sports:
All children love to play sports and you can tell this by the video game that they play.
Enroll them in a class of their favourite sport and ask them to try and play for their school team. Also, playing sports helps to develop confidence and improve focus and concentration.

2. Treasure Hunt:
Organize an indoor or outdoor treasure hunt for your child. You can start by placing toys and treats hidden at different places and ask the kid to reach the final treasure using different clues.
3. Follow Hobbies:
Learn about your kid’s favourite activity or hobby. Besides that, simple activities like gardening, dancing, playing an instrument can be a great source of exercise. After all, hobbies are not only for leisure but help children develop many skills and enhance their cognitive development.

4. Go for a walk with a pet:
If you have a pet then you can divide the responsibilities of walking it. However, if you don’t have a dog then you can take a walk in the park or go walking to the grocery shop if it is not very far from your home. Grab the opportunity of walking with your kid.

Activities that are absolutely fun to do with kids:

1. Twister:
It is a game of physical skill that is played on a large plastic mat with different colour rows that are spread on the floor or ground. Players need to move their matching hand or foot to a circle of the correct colour. It is so much fun to play this game.

2. Freeze dance:
It is both entertaining and fun to play this with your kid. The more number of people the better it is. All you have to do is freeze in your pose when the music stops, and hold it until the music begins again.
3. Hopscotch:
It is an old traditional game. Use chalk or tape to make a game on your floor or outside your building. The player needs to put the marker in the square where he or she will resume playing on the next turn.
4. Clean up race:
This activity is great fun and also helps to tidy the room. You can either set a timer or play a song. So, whoever will tidy up the room the fastest will win. It also helps to inculcate the habit of doing small little chores in the house.
Practising these activities with your kids can help them learn the importance of exercise and prevent them from becoming couch potatoes.