Fables as they are called, are short fictional stories that feature animals and other legendary beings to which the kids can related to. Today, we take you through some of the best short stories for kids. Fables are educational and fun for children since they lead to a particular moral at the end. You can start to read to your child at any age, but the sooner the better.

Why reading?

1. Reading helps children to become more confident, improve their language and opens up a whole new world of learning.
2. Modelling the love for books builds your child’s early literacy skills that will eventually help him to become a better reader as he grows into his childhood.
3. Apart from the educational learning, the child also learns how to hold a book, how to flip the pages that help to develop his motor skills.

Here’s a list of some famous short stories for kids:

1.  The Boy Who Cried Wolf:

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The story is about a shepherd boy and the habit of lying.
The moral of the story is that nobody will believe a liar even when he is speaking the truth.


The Lion and the Mouse
2. Lion and the Mouse:
This fable uses animals as main characters and is a fantastic read for small children.
The story teaches us how the small acts of kindness can be rewarded greatly and how anyone,
regardless of their size and appearance can make an impact in certain situations.
The Monkey and the crocodile3. The Monkey and the crocodile:
It is one of the classic tales that talk about friendship and describe the greediness of the crocodile.
The story has two morals: ‘Staying calm, and thinking can help you get out any difficult situation’ and ‘Quick thinking and intelligence can beat physical strength’.


4. The Discontented Dog:

The disconnected dog

‘The Discontented Dog ‘ is a story about a dog who was never happy with himself and wanted what other animals had, until one day he realized that he has been so lucky and he had it all. It teaches children to be content with their life.

5. The Man who didn’t wash his dishes:

The Man who didn't wash his dishesThis is a story about how a man used to clean his dishes everyday until one day when he was too tired and didn’t do the dishes. And the following day also the same pattern followed. After a few days there was a huge heap of dirty-stinky dishes which made him depressed. Then one day it rained heavily and he took out all the dishes to wash till they were clean and shiny, and he became a happy man again. The story teaches us that never leave tomorrow what you can do today.

The Fox and the Crow


6. The Fox and the Crow:
Once a fox was strolling through the woods and saw a crow fly over with a piece of cheese in her beak and the fox wanted to have it. So she cooked up a story to tell the crow which the poor crow believed. The lesson we get from this story is that one should never trust a flatterer.


The Midas touch
7. The Midas touch:
This is one of the famous stories known to us about a greedy King who was granted a wish that whatever he would touch would turn into gold. So God granted his wish and his food, his beloved daughter, etc. turned into gold. He was really disheartened and miserable and asked God to take the boon back. God took the granted wish back and then he lived happily after.
This teaches us to be content with what you have as contentment is real wealth.
A story is something that your child will love to hear with complete interest without interrupting you. These moral stories will entertain your kid and teach him a lesson in the process.
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