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Expert’s Note: Pooja Srivastava Dewan

Pooja Srivastava Dewan is an experienced Child Psychologist and Counsellor and has been conducting various workshops on child health and development.  “Children can only learn what is available to them, traditionally parents, friends, school, and the wider community would have been the only gateways to learning. Now the digital world gives them a vast library of material…

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What Kind Of Digital Content Is Appropriate For Kids?

Children adapt and learn very quickly, especially what they see and hear. It obviously is important to give them an ideal environment to learn. As our kids grow up in the screen age, we here at Hello English kids app work hard to make sure that they are learning the right things from the right…

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How Much Screen Time Is Good For My Kid?

Hello Parent! While you’re likely reading this on your tablet or phone, as a father or mother you’re anxious if you should allow your kid to use these gadgets. Every day, you are coming across content that suggests the negative impact of these gadgets on kids. On the other hand, there are innovators and teachers…

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