The world is moving fast but technology is moving faster. There are more gadgets in the house than the number of members in the family. In an age so adaptive of technology and a life so busy, your kid might get too indulged in the iPad gifted by her dad or the video game brought to him by his grandma. But you obviously do not want him or her to completely chuck it but ideally limit and balance it. In fact, if it’s something worthy you would want him/her to actively and regularly participate in it. Something like an Educational app!

Hello English for kids is an amalgamation of learning and fun activities, that after sincere deliberation has been designed to engage the child audio-visually without undermining parents’ concern over their baby’s health. Chitrangda Chauhan is a Psychology teacher at Jayshree Periwal High School, Jaipur. She explains that the audio-visual engagement is good for the child as far as it does not take over her health.

Learning videos require constant visual and auditory attention which can get taxing for the developing child. Comparatively, educational app has an advantage over this point. It will require the child to respond to questions and games which will be an exercise for the mind.


What we have introduced with Hello English kids app is parent’s ability to control their child’s screen time through advanced parental controls that can be set according to the child’s age. It allows parents to be carefree while their kids spend time on the app as it automatically locks down after the time limit set by them. So, while your kid gets the daily dose of AV learning, you’re assured as a parent that their health is not at stake.

So, with your kid oblivious of the effects of excessive use of gadgets, you as a parent should have control over their screen time and there is nothing better if you can set it once and then let your kid enjoy the joyous ride.

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