Games For Children To Improve Their Memory
A lot of kids have difficulty remembering information because they are at a stage where they have just begun learning and want to grasp new concepts and facts everyday. Memory is a skill we all use everyday and the stronger, the better.
However, there are many benefits of developing a good memory early on in life.
Benefits of playing memory games with kids:
1. As kids gets older, they have to memorize science elements and math formulas, facts and figures of the history class, learn new language and multiple other things. But the sooner they enhance their memory skills, the better it is.
2. Memory skills, if learned early, can come in handy throughout their academic years and also adulthood.
3. Therefore, learning early can help children enhance their cognitive skills.
Games for children to improve their memory:
1.  Kim’s Game:
Put 5-10 objects on a tray. You can use items like pencil, keys, small toys, etc. Then, ask your child to study the color, shape, number of items, etc. for a couple of minutes. After a few minutes, take the tray away. Ask them questions related to those objects. Or you can even remove an item and bring back the tray, and ask them to identify the missing object. There can be various variations to this game depending upon the age and ability of the child. Kids love to play this game and it helps to build their visual memory.
2. Memory Train:
We have all played this popular game in our childhood. So, you start off by telling your child to imagine going on a holiday. Or, imagine going to a grocery market or you can have your own variation. Then, you can begin by saying that I went to the grocery market and bought tomatoes. The next person has to add to that list. For e.g.  I went to the grocery market and bought tomatoes and potatoes. And the next person will add another item along with the previous two items. This game stimulates memory as it involves repeating the same list by adding different items. Eventually, your child will be able to remember a long list of items.
3. Magic Cup:
All you need is a coin and three cups. Place the coin under a cup and make sure that your kid knows under which cup is the coin. Move the cups and ask your kid that under which cup is the hidden coin. This game teaches children how to concentrate and helps them develop strong memory. Hence, children who are able to concentrate well, will focus better in class and studies.
4. Spot the difference: 
Ask your child to study you, like what you are are wearing, your hairstyle, your footwear, etc. Then ask your kid to close his/her eyes. In the mean time, change one thing about you. Like untie your shoe lace, wear a lipstick, change your hairstyle, etc. and ask him to spot the difference. This game helps to build concentration and visual memory skills. Also, this game is fun and entertaining to play.
5. Match colors:
Make a classic matching memory game for toddlers using bottle caps. Collect large caps and color the underside in pairs of matching colors. For toddlers, start with 2-3 pairs of colored caps. Or you can also cut out different items on a cardboard and color them. Later, ask the child to identify the similar pair of cut outs. Young children love to play with bright colored objects. It stimulates their learning and enhances their memory.