Hello English Kids App is like no other ordinary App. Why? Look at these 5 quick points to know why you are about to choose the best platform for your kid’s introduction to English:

  1. Content designed according to international standards: We follow the Common Core standards to teach English to kids from 2 years onwards to 6 years. The standards draw on the most important international models, as well as research and input from numerous sources, including educators from kindergarten through college, state departments of education, scholars, assessment developers, professional organizations, parents and students, and members of the public.

  1. Personalisation via AI Technology: We neither beat around the bush nor shoot arrows in the sky i.e The Hello English Kids App does not suggest random activities to the kids or straightforwardly follows the same path for all users. The app’s advanced AI technology automatically recommend activities for the skills the child needs to focus most on.
  2. Age-Wise learning: Kids grow up fast and they can’t be learning the same thing for long or learn something far below their learning age. Hello English Kids App offers a different curriculum for children of different age groups. Targeting to boost the 4 core skills of Reading, writing, speaking and listening, the course has been designed for kids from Pre-Kindergarten to Second grade with increasing level of complexity vis-a-vis Vocabulary, grammar, phonological awareness, word recognition, etc. Detailed study and research with reference to Common Core standards have gone into designing this comprehensive and realistic curriculum.
  3. Well curated videos: It is a well-known fact that Audio Visual content is far more impactful than plain reading or listening. In a digital era where content is travelling faster than light, we’ve assured that your child is not exposed to anything that is inappropriate. The language and tone of the videos are purely educational visual rhymes and stories. The videos are soothing, beautifully designed without any graphics being too loud or flashy. The best part is while accessing these, your kid will not encounter any advertisement or redundant pop-up.
  4. Added inputs from counsellors and Child Psychologists: Experts in any field be Education or medicine have no substitute. We greatly value the experience and knowledge that the experts have and our curriculum along with many other features have been designed following the inputs from the experts like Child Psychologists, counsellors and teachers who have been involved with kids education and behaviour for a long time

In the context of education, we believe that an overall authentic curriculum is the one which is in line with modern technology apart from constituting well researched and updated content. And that’s exactly what we have strived for in Hello English Kids App!