The road to success for reading and writing can be mapped through the milestones expected for the children for second grade. Keep in mind that kids develop at different paces and spend varying amounts of time at each stage.

1. Making connections: Second graders make connections between what they’ve read and their own experience. The character’s actions have a greater impact on them. Journal writing, book reports, book posters, short questions about reading, and research reports are all ways in which your child uses writing to deepen his understanding of what he reads.

2. Write about a range of topics to suit different audiences- handwriting becomes automatic, so they can concentrate more on the content of their writing rather than on the mechanics. The knowledge of story structures they have accumulated through years of being read to will help them to plan and write stories.

3. Punctuate simple sentences correctly and proofread their own work. Write sentences using correct punctuation and capitalization.

4. They know the correct spellings of many words. Use common letter patterns and critical features to spell words

5. Use word identification strategies with greater facility to unlock unknown words. Break unfamiliar words down into smaller parts by looking for patterns she’s seen before — such as “anti” or “dis” — to figure out the meaning.

6. Identify an increasing number of words by sight. Read the 200 most commonly used words in the English language, including there, have, that, is, the, a, and in.

7. Self-correct when they make a mistake while reading aloud.

8. Show comprehension of a story through drawings.

9. Write by organizing details into a logical sequence with a beginning, middle, and end.

10. Use strategies more efficiently (rereading, questioning, and so on) when comprehension breaks down.