Social skills are important skills for second grade that your child is gaining awareness and a sense of independence. You will notice how your child is gaining more self control over his/her behaviour.

1. Begins to become more self-aware; recognizes strengths and weakness in his abilities.

2. Is gaining more self-control in her behavior and is somewhat able to modify how she acts according to the circumstances in which she finds herself.

3. Understands that failing to meet expectations will result in a consequence of some sort.

4. Expresses their opinions more freely even if they don’t align with the views of peers or adults.

5. Participates in group activities.

6. Appears comfortable and confident in self and abilities.

7. Respects others and the rights of others.

8. Follows classroom rules and routines.

9. Accepts responsibility for behavior and actions.

10. Uses materials appropriately and respectfully.

11. Makes independent choices of materials and activities.

12. Sustains attention to work over a period of time.

13. Works, plays and shares with others.

14. Interacts easily with adults.

15. Shows empathy and caring for others.

16. Uses words to reason and resolve conflicts.

17. Seeks help when unable to resolve conflicts.

18. Uses words appropriately.

19. Completes tasks.