You’re wrong if you think your kid is too small for books. By the time the kid is a year old, he/she starts recognising the sounds you’ve been making while reading to them. The catch here is that the books and narration have to be really playful to appeal to the kid and grab his/her attention.

There are various books designed for toddlers where the sentences are really simple, give ample opportunity for the narrator to intonate and modify his/her voice and contains colourful graphics for better understanding. The main characters in these books are often repeated so that the words are retained in the kid’s mind.

You don’t need a big budget to build your kid’s starter library. All you have to remember while picking up books for your little one is that they have myriad visuals and action images, mostly labelled. You will also have read slowly and take breaks to imitate characters or talk to your kid or ask questions.

Here is a collection of our well curated and expert recommended books for toddlers:

  • My First Words Let’s Get Talking: There are well labelled pretty pictures on various topics like body parts and fruits that you can always show the kid live. This board book quite effectively represents the key-words that your little one is capable of learning. The book is ideal when it comes to engaging the wandering mind of the child. It helps parents when their child speaks his/her first words.


  • Pop-Up Peekaboo! Colours: The most exciting thing about this book is the characters and objects popping up, giving a close to the real experience. While the pop-up feature per say is fantasising for kids, every page unveils the rhyme in colourful action. This read-aloud book for toddlers encourages first learning by introducing little ones to colourful scenes, adorable cuddly characters, and 5 pop-out surprises.


  • Baby Sparkle Bedtime: With crystal-clear photos, read-aloud text and an extra special twinkle on every page, this book engage young babies with sing-song rhymes and bright, colourful pages. This will also help you introduce the bedtime storytelling routine for your kid. If you’re looking forward to a perfect bedtime book for your toddler, try this out!



  • My First Animals: In all short stories for kids, animals often play common characters. Identifying animals and their sounds will, therefore, make stories more understandable for the kids. packed with colourful images and clear word-labels, this is an ideal first book to introduce animals to toddlers.





  • My First Things That Go (My First Touch and Feel Picture Cards): As mentioned in the title, these are touch and feel flashcards that can be held separately and gives the kid more insight into the object by touching the material its made of. Moving objects include diverse things from a hot air balloon to a tractor. There are talking points at the back of each flashcard in 4 different languages that allow parents to ask related questions to reinforce learning.  The book is visually appealing for toddlers and is likely to deliver a joyful experience.

My First Colours & Shapes: This is another version of ‘My First Things That Go’. The only difference is that this is all about shapes and colours. Each 17-card pack contains 16 touch-and-feel picture cards and features colourful squares, circles, triangles, and more! On the reverse of most cards, there are a series of engaging questions, in addition to word translations for Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and phonetic spellings to help develop early language skills.



  • Colours with a Ladybird: Go on a magical adventure with a cute little ladybird, and learn colours with her animal friends. Perfect for hands-on learning, this charming board book follows a little ladybird on her extraordinary day, as she finds lots of different coloured boots to wear. Meet a fluffy chick, a croaky frog, a fluttering butterfly, and more, and learn the colours of the rainbow!

My First ABC Board Book: Helping children learn about letters and letter sounds, this is an amazing first word and picture book. Filled with full-colour photographs and large, easy-to-read text, My First Board Books has a variety of first concepts, such as colours, numbers, letters that have been introduced in a fun and informative way to help children build the vocabulary.



Books not only are a magnificent visual aid for kids but helps them identify objects with the set of letters that represent them. Toddlers grasp very fast and constant interaction with them with the support of pop-up books and touch-feel flashcards can set a strong foundation for their language skills.