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Increasing the vocabulary of a toddler

1. Reading: Pick the right books wherein there are a lot of pictures and words that build knowledge. You will be astonished at your toddler recognizing a bird and its various types such as toucans, eagles, budgies and more. Parents must focus on reading the right way. Read through every page and allow the child…

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Hello English Kids is now listed at kidSAFE

When it comes to kids, safety is one’s principal priority. We at Hello English understand your concern as a parent and therefore feel proud to announce that we have earned the kidSAFE seal. kidSAFE is an independent safety certification service and we are now part of its directory with selected and well-known names like Cartoon…

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What Kind Of Digital Content Is Appropriate For Kids?

Children adapt and learn very quickly, especially what they see and hear. It obviously is important to give them an ideal environment to learn. As our kids grow up in the screen age, we here at Hello English kids app work hard to make sure that they are learning the right things from the right…

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