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What videos can your kid watch?

Technology has made it super easy to access anything on the overloaded cloud of information – the internet. It has made accessing content so easy that age isn’t a restriction at all. This has led to kids watching any sorts of things on the web, unmitigated. Parenting experts are increasingly spreading awareness of the negative…

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What Will Your Child Learn On Hello English Kids App?

Dear parents, The idea is for kids between the age of two and eight to have a solid foundation in the English language. We’ve chosen the AV medium because psychologically, digital content can lead to creating a huge impact on a child’s mind.   Chitrangda Chauhan, a Psychology teacher at Jayshree Periwal High School, Jaipur…

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What Kind Of Digital Content Is Appropriate For Kids?

Children adapt and learn very quickly, especially what they see and hear. It obviously is important to give them an ideal environment to learn. As our kids grow up in the screen age, we here at Hello English kids app work hard to make sure that they are learning the right things from the right…

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