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Engaging toddlers in conversation- 6 great ideas!

Toddlers need many opportunities to talk with each other, an adult, one on one and in groups. It’s a cumbersome task to engage toddlers in conversation throughout the day. Conversations with toddlers are essential because they help children express their thoughts, ideas and ask for help from an adult. Sometimes it also helps in resolving…

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5 Types of Kids Videos to Avoid

It’s bewildering! Your kid’s stubbornness to watch videos on your mobile/tablet. However, it’s not just your child alone, but more than half of his peers! Considering the benefits of audio-visual learning, you wouldn’t want to bring your child up in complete isolation with technology either. This means that the only safe passage is a careful selection…

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Language Milestones For Your Kid

A language is a vast subject in itself and can only be learnt over time. There, however, are set milestones that one should ideally achieve at set intervals to ensure that learning continues smoothly. These milestones serve as a guide to normal development. There is a general age and time when most children pass through…

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