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10 activities to keep the children engaged!

It requires a lot of patience, attention and energy to entertain children between 5-8 years of age. As parents, we want to give our children unconditional love and strengthen the parent-child bond. One of the ways this can be done is by spending more time with them; here are the best 10 activities to do…

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What videos can your kid watch?

Technology has made it super easy to access anything on the overloaded cloud of information – the internet. It has made accessing content so easy that age isn’t a restriction at all. This has led to kids watching any sorts of things on the web, unmitigated. Parenting experts are increasingly spreading awareness of the negative…

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5 Types of Kids Videos to Avoid

It’s bewildering! Your kid’s stubbornness to watch videos on your mobile/tablet. However, it’s not just your child alone, but more than half of his peers! Considering the benefits of audio-visual learning, you wouldn’t want to bring your child up in complete isolation with technology either. This means that the only safe passage is a careful selection…

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