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Best Short Stories for Kids

Fables as they are called, are short fictional stories that feature animals and other legendary beings to which the kids can related to. Today, we take you through some of the best short stories for kids. Fables are educational and fun for children since they lead to a particular moral at the end. You can start…

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Can I Track My Kid’s Progress On An Educational App?

If education was a marathon, then having checkpoints at various levels would have made it easier to gauge how far one has come and the distance yet to be covered. Even a leisure activity like driving across cities would be useless if you’re unaware of your current position. The point is that tracking one’s engagement/movement…

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Tracking my child’s learning progress on Hello English Kids

How can I track my child’s learning progress on Hello English Kids? If you engage your kid in a learning activity but can’t track your child’s learning progress then it becomes difficult to decide the future course of action. But we’ve thought this through to ensure that Hello English Kids is not an educational App…

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