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Cognitive skills for kindergartners

Kindergarten children are very active explorers of their environment. They are interested in everything and their desire to learn is limitless. Described by Piaget as “little scientists” and by many researchers as “sponges,” they are ready, willing and able to learn. Here are the 20 cognitive milestones for kindergarteners: 1. They know a lot of…

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Language skills kindergarten

It’s usual for kindergartners to have tantrums or get upset when things don’t go their way. But what is important is the language skills they must acquire by the end of kindergarten. Language allows them to relive their experiences and to think about them. Here are 20 language skills that every parent could aim at…

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9 Tips to raise a reader

If they are able to foster this in their children then they are more likely to learn the mechanics of reading—like letter sounds and how to blend them. With screen time slowly taking centre stage, more effort and creativity is required to develop your child’s love for books.     Make it a habit: Parents…

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