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Raising a toddler who doesn’t share

5 Creative activities that promote sharing: 1. Co-operative art: Your toddler and his friend get paper plates to decorate. They can make a face with the materials provided. Place decorative craft materials such as feathers, pom poms, and yarn on several small plates for the children to share. To encourage children to pass items to each other,…

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What Will Your Child Learn On Hello English Kids App?

Dear parents, The idea is for kids between the age of two and eight to have a solid foundation in the English language. We’ve chosen the AV medium because psychologically, digital content can lead to creating a huge impact on a child’s mind.   Chitrangda Chauhan, a Psychology teacher at Jayshree Periwal High School, Jaipur…

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Tracking my child’s learning progress on Hello English Kids

How can I track my child’s learning progress on Hello English Kids? If you engage your kid in a learning activity but can’t track your child’s learning progress then it becomes difficult to decide the future course of action. But we’ve thought this through to ensure that Hello English Kids is not an educational App…

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