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What should my child know before starting school?

Research shows that children who are well-prepared for their first year of school have a much better chance of settling in and succeeding in school, giving them a significant head start for later years. Apart from basic skills such as listening and following simple instructions, communicating their needs, they should also be able to understand…

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Parents who do not speak English: how can I raise a bilingual child?

As a parent one of challenges one can face is raising a bilingual child. Learning a language is a skill. And, as with any other skill such as learning to play an instrument or a sport, practice is vital. Raising bilingual children is a lifelong journey. Providing our children ways to boost their language skills…

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Improving spoken English: 10 tips that work!

1. Reading a habit: Parents can begin with making reading a habit for their toddlers. At a specific time such as ‘bed time’ the child and parent read together. While a child snuggles to their parent, the warmth and coziness makes them enjoy the book and concentrate better. This expands vocabulary which surely improves language….

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