Grammar is a vital aspect of language, especially for younger children. At any stage, it is of utmost importance as communication can be misunderstood without the proper use of grammar. Hence, whether is basic nouns or verbs or even using punctuation accurately. The concepts and skills attained are beneficial at every age.

Curriculum for Grammar grade 2:

1. Identify nouns – common, proper, singular, plural, irregular

2. Identify pronouns and use in sentences. (Ex: me, you, he, they….)

3. Identify verbs in a sentence

4. Identify past, present and future tense of verbs

5. Tell the difference between verbs of being and verbs of action.

6. Apply word endings learned in phonics for sentence fluency.

7. The identifier describes words in sentences.

8. Use commas to separate adjectives in sets.

9. Differentiate adjectives that tell what kind/how many.

10. Use adjectives compare using air, EST.

11. Use conjunctions to join sentences with similar ideas.

12. Recognize and apply prefixes and suffixes (such as re, un, dis, ful, ment, ly, ness, etc.)

13. Recognize and apply synonyms and antonyms.

14. Identify words that describe a verb.

15. Differentiate between adverbs that tell: how, when and where?

16. Learn that homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings.

17. Prepositional phrases

18. Time transition word

19. Apostrophes

20. Parts of a letter

When your child begins to learn Grammar it can be very ‘dry’. Hello, English Kids make learning grammar fun and impressive for your child. The games are structured in such a way that they’ll fall in love with the English language right away. For example, concepts of using is, am and are have been introduced through interactive videos with the avatars of Heff and Ki. The game of basketball is structured in such a way that your child will be grasping the concept by playing it for the first time. In a similar way, pronouns have been taught through interactive means only. As parents, we are aware of the immense love children have to pretend and play. Hello, English Kids bring forth pretend and play in their grammar games. Hello, English Kids allows the children ‘to be’ the profession which in turn enables the child to learn in the fastest and best way possible.