Mommies and Daddies,

Presenting before you, Hello English Kids, an education mobile App that addresses all the English learning needs of young learners in a fun, and safe environment. Be it English vocabulary building or writing skills or active English listening comprehension abilities, Hello English Kids caters to it all!

The App has:

  • Tons of educational games and nursery rhymes,
  • Selected videos and activities
  • English stories and songs that are just right for kids

All this mixed with the advanced AI technology that automatically recommends activities for your kid basis his/her performance in an ad-free environment.  Not only this, it gives you, as a parent, complete control of your kid’s screen time and detailed progress reports to keep you updated with the skills your child is building and his/her learning progress.

With like child psychologists, counsellors and teachers who have been involved with kids education and behaviour for a long time, we are offering a trusted platform for your kids to learn from.